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SteamWorld Quest Review

Image & Form have never been known to hold steadfastly to a single genre; in their latest title, we're transported to a fantasy/steampunk setting, following the adventures of a few plucky steambots as they face down an invading army of evil.

Sony PlayStation 5 Details and Specs Revealed

2 minute read

There are a few interesting factors that the as-yet unnamed fifth PlayStation console brings. Read full article »

Google's Project Stream revealed as streaming service Stadia

3 minute read

"Building a game platform for everyone", Google announces a service to let anyone play games in their browser via streaming direct to their PC. Read full article »

First Impressions: Warhammer: Chaosbane

4 minute read

Bringing the Warhammer universe to action RPGs for the first time, Chaosbane aims to mix hack-and-slash with the universe's rich lore to create something special. Read full article »

Dead by Daylight: The Plague (Chapter 11)

3 minute read

Full details of the eleventh chapter for Dead by Daylight has been revealed, featuring a plague-based priestess who can terrorise her victims via infectious projectile vomiting. Read full article »

Bannermen Review

4 minute read

Indie real-time strategy Bannermen opts for a highly conservative approach to the genre, resulting in an overly simplistic title that fails to captivate. Read full article »

First Impressions: KurtzPel

2 minute read

We dive into the first closed beta test of Grand Chase's spiritual successor. Read full article »

Battle Princess Madelyn Review

7 minute read

Co-designed by the developer's young daughter, this loveletter to Ghouls 'n Ghosts is unfortunately marred by incredibly frustrating design choices, poor mechanics and directionless level design. Read full article »

First Impressions: Hide or Die

4 minute read

Holding my breath while hiding in a dumpster, cackling while chasing people with an electrified bat, and having my head slammed against the walls of a portable toilet. Read full article »

Soul Calibur VI Review

7 minute read

Soul Calibur VI returns to its roots, embracing the original ideologies in a semi-reboot which manages to bring the Calibur series back to its glory days. Read full article »

SNK Heroines Review

4 minute read

Buxom girls with cheeky costumes and sassy one-liners: SNK Heroines revels in offering a more lighthearted, comedic fighting game for SNK fans to jump into and mess around in. Read full article »

Phantom Doctrine Review

6 minute read

While some may initially dismiss it as "XCOM with spies", Phantom Doctrine is far richer than that, standing strongly on its own merits with an evolving story of espionage and domination. Read full article »

Overcooked 2 Review

4 minute read

Overcooked! 2 drops you and up to three friends into an array of wild and wacky kitchens, desperately racing against the clock to make and serve dishes while a host of hazards — especially your own lack of teamwork — conspire against you. Read full article »

Airheart Review

7 minute read

A dieselpunk styled top-down shooter, Airheart drops you into the pilot seat of a small yet sturdy fishing plane, tackling pirates and collecting skyfish to ultimately reach and take down the great whale in the sky — a bounty of untold riches. Read full article »

Moonlighter Review

8 minute read

Part shop simulator, part dungeon crawler, Moonlighter puts you in the shoes of merchant Will, who bounces between managing his family store and diving into dungeons for adventure and marketable loot. Read full article »