Aven ColonyFirst-look preview by Damien King

We've had some hands-on time with Mothership's upcoming spacetown builder, Aven Colony, and it leaves a great first impression. Releasing later this month, the game puts you in the shoes of an intrepid colony commander, leading the construction and development of progressively more complex and demanding outposts on the planet of Aven Prime. Sitting somewhere between Sim City and Anno 2070, Aven Colony tasks you across a variety of colonies across the planet, each bri... read more »

Damien King

Master X Master

We take a look at NCSOFT's character switching, trigger twitching arenafest.

Steam summer sale: The best deals and games

How to get the most for your money during this sale.

The Sexy Brutale review

800 words — 5 minute read

800 words / 5 minute read Welcome to the Sexy Brutale — a sprawling mansion, casino and theater that hosts an annual masquerade for owner Lucas and his friends. This year sees a shift from the norm, however; staff...

Yooka-Laylee review

1,174 words — 7 minute read

1,174 words / 7 minute read Both a love letter to and spiritual successor of late 1990s 3D platformers such as Super Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie, Yooka-Laylee is a whimsical, mischievous open world platformer that man...

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Episode 3: Above The Law

532 words — 3 minute read

532 words / 3 minute read Injured families. Backstabbing colleagues. Shattered friendships. Just another day in the downtrodden world of The Walking Dead, with season three protagonist Javier getting caught in the m...

Nintendo Switch: All you need to know

992 words — 6 minute read

992 words / 6 minute read Nintendo showed off their new Switch console in preparation for its upcoming release, set for March 3 and debuting at $299.99. The Switch feels like a natural evolution of the Wii U, bein...

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Ep 1-2 Review

600 words — 3 minute read

600 words / 3 minute read The debut of Telltale's The Walking Dead shook the gaming world with its incredible storytelling, lovable (and loathsome!) characters, and tough moral choices. Four years on, season three...

Batman: The Telltale Series Complete Review

1,049 words — 6 minute read

1,049 words / 6 minute read How far would Batman go to protect his beloved city? Batman: The Telltale Series gives us an intimate look at Bruce Wayne during some of his darkest days, with his personal life and legacy ...

DOTA 2 Version 7.00 is here!

882 words — 5 minute read

882 words / 5 minute read Unsuspecting fans found out on the 10th of December that instead of going from 6.88 to 6.89, Valve are updating DOTA 2 straight to version 7.00 - a first in almost 12 years. Version 7.0...

Tyranny Review

1,515 words — 9 minute read

1,515 words / 9 minute read Modern western RPGs have surged in popularity over the past decade; rich stories, complex grey morality, and beautifully crafted worlds have come together as the genre matures. Now Obsidia...


Tyranny Review

A refreshingly different take on RPGs where you step into the shoes of the bad guy.

Modern western RPGs have surged in popularity over the past decade; rich stories, complex grey morality, and beautifully crafted worlds have come together as the genre matures. Now Obsidian throw th... read more


Overwatch: Sombra Reveal

Ultra HD screenshots of Sombra in action.

Blizzard finally (and not unexpectedly) revealed the newest hero to Overwatch's roster at Blizzcon 2016: Sombra, the devious hacker. This crafty espionage specialist focuses on stealth and infiltratio... read more


MOBAs: Where to start?

We'll look at the major MOBAs and see how they compare on learning curves, variety, and playstyles.

MOBAs are generally portrayed as difficult and unforgiving to new players, with steep learning curves and a large array of items to equip your character with in-game. We'll look at the major titles an... read more


RIVE Review

Prepare yourself for non-stop action and unrelenting difficulty.

"Who the hell built this place? There are so many insane robots and other hostile contraptions here!" This line from RIVE's protagonist sums it all up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-j0S-SYQFo ... read more


Batman Ep. 3: "New World Order" Review

Telltale's third episode ups the ante with ever more unusual revelations.

[spoiler] With Gotham under attack from the terrorist group calling itself the Children of Arkham and the Wayne legacy threatened by the exposure of old secrets, Bruce finds himself caught in a serie... read more


First Look: The 'WizDish'

At EGX this year I was fortunate enough to be able to charm my way into a go on the new ‘WizDish’ omnidirectional treadmill – the supposed revolutionary next step in virtual reality, and current... read more


Review: Resident Evil: HD

A classic reborn with beautiful, striking visuals and fluid gameplay.

Who doesn't like being scared? Horror movies, games, haunted houses and mazes, horror novels, and scary stories serve as entertainment for us all. Resident Evil: HD embodies all of these horrific enti... read more


First Look: Airships: Conquer the Skies

Build the pixel airship of your dreams and light up the heavens.

Airships: Conquer the Skies brings back childhood memories. Not of video games, but of Lego. As a kid, I spent hours and hours fiddling with those blocks, trying to construct the ultimate house, or sp... read more


Nintendo NX Revealed As The "Nintendo Switch"

Nintendo continue their tradition of unusual console designs with the Nintendo Switch.

Confusion and debate over Nintendo's mysterious new NX console is over — Nintendo have finally unveiled full details about their upcoming platform, the Nintendo Switch. Furthering the design patte... read more


First Look: In Celebration of Violence

When you see a name like In Celebration of Violence, along with a patch note that mentions adding more blood because “it was necessary”, you know you’re in for a good time. Or, at the very least... read more


GoNNER Review

The world of GoNNER is vibrant, challenging, and frantic, but it creates a certain atmosphere that people will keep coming back to even hours after completion. That is, if they manage to complete it.

GoNNER, where The Binding of Isaac meets Spelunky in a vague world filled with all kinds of baddies. The game is self proclaimed as a challenging roguelike, and that's where it doesn't miss a single... read more


Thumper Review

The rhythm action of Amplitude meets the blistering speeds of Wipeout in this punishingly tough rhythm title.

This is the Dark Souls of rhythm games. Imagine taking a track-based rhythm like Amplitude or AudioSurf and ramping up the speed to the insane velocity of Wipeout on its infamous Phantom class, a... read more


Viking Squad Review

Embrace your inner viking in this spirited brawler.

Viking Squad, a lane-based brawler developed by Slick Entertainment Inc., drops you into the boots of a viking warrior. It's a thoroughly enjoyable beat-em-up experience with precise combat, tight con... read more


Mafia III: The Latest Frame-Rate Faux Pas

Lamenting the current state of PC ports and broken AAA releases.

Mafia III, after a long and impressive marketing campaign, has finally arrived. It’s a little broken, but never fear, it’s been patched, in the same way as a gigantic cruise liner is hauled back i... read more


Dark Souls 3 Review

The universe that Dark Souls 3 provides is a challenging game that sticks to the same formula as previous entries, but it doesn't quite have the charm as those before it. Dark Souls 3, on its own, is a fantastic game that deserves as much credit as it can. But, in a series as acclaimed as Souls, it's hard not to want more than what was offered.

The world of Lothric is one filled with things of nightmares, creations that will fight you tooth-and-nail, epic sceneries, and even more epic boss battles. While Dark Souls 3 and its world are still... read more


Replayability: DOOM

ID's stunning reboot of their legendary franchise gets a second look.

I can't stop thinking about DOOM. Not the originals, the new one. ID's reboot of the legendary granddaddy of the FPS genre is unquestionably my favourite game of the year so far. If you'd have told me... read more