The Amazing Eternals Beta Key Giveaway

Warframe developers Digital Extremes recently unveiled their new title, a hero-based shooter that combines standard FPS mechanics with an interesting card/deck system that switches up how you play.

The Amazing Eternals is a throwback hero FPS, stylised on 1950s-70s pulp comics with a retrofuturistic look that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The main draw is its inclusion of collectible card game elements: You’re able to collect and open booster packs of cards, from which you build a deck of 12 cards to cycle through in matches. Cards vary from equippable weapons — everything from shotguns to rocket launchers, to laser-aimed mortar strikes — as well as permanent buffs to abilities or equipment, temporary power-ups such as faster reloads or increased damage, and special actions such as airstrikes or instant respawns. We’ll be doing a first-look preview of the game very soon.

The Amazing Eternals has just hit closed beta, and we’ve teamed up with Keystone.GG — the leading community, database and guides site for The Amazing Eternals — to give away 1,750 instant-access beta keys!

If you’re looking to dive into the game and see how it plays, here’s your chance to instantly grab a key. Enjoy!

The Amazing Eternals — Closed Beta Key Giveaway