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GameCynic Staff

Damien King

Editor in chief

A quintessential Englishman now living in the United States, Damien is a born-and-raised gamer since the Atari 2600 days of antiquity. Husband, puppy parent, and workaholic entrepreneur, he spends most of his time in some form of creative capacity — be it web design, consulting, or writing as a games critic.

Kristina Bates

Publisher relations

Quality checks, advice, and occasional bringer of pizza.

Alessandro Mascellino


Journalism graduate and tech geek. Gamer to the bone.

Andy Chasse


Andy is a freelance writer who usually writes about fitness, but recently decided to start covering games for fun. He loves his Vita, enjoys doing just one more run, and is desperately waiting for No Man's Sky to have real content.

Connor Corkhill


Hello! My name is Connor. I’m from the UK and gaming has been a massive part of my life since I was around 4 years old. I collect most things related to gaming, having a huge variety of games, classic consoles, figures and replicas (my Epic Weapons Frostmourne being perhaps my most prized of the lot). I love creative writing, be it writing reviews or my own short stories, and I also enjoy Viking battle re-enactment and blacksmithing. My favourite video games of all time include but are not limited to: Metroid Prime, Demon's Souls, Legacy of Kain: Defiance and DOTA 2.

Grant Patrick


My name is Grant and I LOVE gaming. Games themselves, the industry, the creative aspect, and the ability to delve into unfamiliar worlds are all fascinating. The experience you receive from playing a game is unique and shapes a person in a distinct way. I am currently a college student who aspires to be a part of the game industry. The industry has influenced me to think creatively and critically since I was a child. I couldn't imagine having any other career. I enjoy playing and dissecting games (is that clear yet?), reading, writing, cooking, and talking about anything and everything.

Luke Gould


Luke is a 20-something man-child from England. He is currently under investigation for saying mean things about child stars on the internet.

Martin Blessing


Gaming enthusiast with special place for all things Resident Evil. Other interests include Grime music, travelling and being a dab hand in the kitchen.

Stuart Alt


Howdy folks, my name is Stuart, and welcome to my page-o-rama. Here you'll find ways to stalk me and my family, as well as reviews I've done for games and perhaps things I'm working on. Other than that, I'm a twenty-something writer that happens to live in the horrible state of Minnesota. Good luck, stalkers.



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